We are Jeylani Boutique, a eco-fur and environmentally coats wear company.

Based in Montreal, JEYLANI offers interchangeable designs of coats inspired by a combination of high fashion and new street trends. Customers comes to us for our  impressive selection of  real fur and quality at an affordable price. Together, we share the warmth, originality and beauty of cold seasons.

We are more than just a brand. We aim to inspire confidence in our customers when it comes to fashion.

Organic Fabrics for Unlimited Softness

Using only the finest  furs and fabrics,  each JEYLANI product is formed by the values, skills and handiwork of the talented artisans, craftspeople, visionaries and merchants who bring it into being.

for a Clean World

Our expertise includes the reuse of natural fur by creating high quality coats with a modern touch. We therefore work from an existing biodegrable material while respecting the ecology.

Extended Sizes
for Happy & Confident Women

It's our top priority to ensure that our JB Babes always feels confident and included. Regardless of shape or size, we're here to fit everyone.

Be a part of our JB community.

Wear our 100% sustainable apparel and support a clean and happy world.